Ra ii.jpg
Played By: Jay Williams
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Abydos

Husband to Hathor, father of Heru'ur and brother to Apophis, Ra many thousand of years ago ruled over Earth however his slaves eventually overthrew him, forcing him to leave Earth and go to the other planets under his rule.

During this time, he fought for power against his own brother Apophis, the Goa'uld Shaq'ran and many others. Managing to capture the Tok'ra queen, he imprisoned her on Pangara.

Many thousands of years later when Ra returned to Abydos he discovered that humans had come from the Stargate, soon realising that they were from Earth. Wanting to destroy the planet from which he had been overthrown, he attempted to send a Naquadah enhanced bomb through the Stargate however the team from Earth managed to stop the bomb, and instead sent it to Ra's ship which was leaving Abydos's orbit.

[edit] Key Episodes

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