Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper
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Ship Information
Race(s): Lantean

The Puddle Jumper is the only Ancient ship known to the Tau'ri. The ship was found on the planet in which Maybourne had been declared king, after he had done good deeds.

Although at the time SG1 did not know the name of the ship, the ship was named Puddle Jumper in Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, where there are plenty of Puddle Jumpers.

The Puddle Jumper that is in the possession of the SGC is more special as it has a time device, which allows them to travel through time, however, it can cause the time line to change, which has led to the SGC in agreeing not to use it, unless they are desperate.

The Puddle Jumper comes with weapons, and a cloak which can both be activated by thoughts. Also on the ship is a DHD allowing the crew to dial any planet remotely from the Puddle Jumper.

[edit] Key Episodes

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