Proclarush Taonas

Proclarush Taonas
Proclarush taonas.jpg
Planet Information
Eridanus.jpgVirgo.jpgCanis m.jpgHydra.jpgCentaurus.jpgEquuleus.jpg
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Ancients

[edit] History

Proclarush Taonas was once an Ancient outpost, but since then the Ancients have left it, and the planet was covered with volcanic activity. The gate on the planet since then was covered by molten rock. When Jack got the Ancients knowledge downloaded into his brain once again, he found the location of the ancient outpost, and took a ship to the planet, and found an outpost which was held by a spherical shield. However, when Jack disconnected the power-source, the shield fell, and as soon as the team returned to the ship, the outpost of that planet was lost.

[edit] Key Episodes

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