Race Information
Planet(s): Celestis

Given the power of gods by the Orii, the Priors are the servants and means through which the Orii communicate to their worshippers. Initially a normal human, when the Orii believe that someone has shown great loyalty they bless them by turning them into a Prior, who have much of the powers as that of the Ancients, and having them go from planet to planet, spreading the word of Origin. The Priors believe that after they have served the Orii, they will join the ranks of the Orii, however the truth is that the Orii have never ascended any believer as doing so would mean that they would have to share the power. The Priors were told about the intentions of the Orii, however they refused to listen to them, believing that it is in fact the Ancients who are evil. The Priors are known to have telekinetic powers, as well as the abilitiy to cure and cause disease and form a shield around the protecting themselves and those which they touch. To turn planets towards Origin, the Priors caused a plague outbreak later coming back to cure them, to win the minds of those willing to fall for it, and those that did not were killed. However, they were stopped by the Tau'ri who managed to find a cure for the Prior's Plague. In retaliation, the Prior ordered the men and women that served the Orii to create warships that they could take to the Milky Way and defeat those that did not surrender to the Orii, powering the ships with the power given to them by the Orii. A weapon was created to stop the Orii from using their telekinetic abilities, however its success has varied, and unable to stop the Priors from using his abilities for a long time. As a way of stopping the Priors from using their abilities against the Orii, they put in a fail safe were any Prior that betrayed them would be killed instantly.

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