Peter Tanner

Peter Tanner
Peter tanner.jpg
Played By: Robert Lewis
Race: Martin's Race
Planets: Martin's Homeworld

When their planet was on the brink of destruction from the Goa'uld, Peter Tanner, along with a few others of his race went in search of help. Eventually arriving at Earth, they realised that the planet was not technologically advanced enough to help them. In fear of what awaited them back at home, Tanner and his men decided to flee to Earth and start a new life. Tanner set his ship in orbit of Mars, and used an escape pod to bring himself and his fellow crew to Earth.

On Earth they started a new life, however Martin Lloyd began to feel guilty about leaving their people when they need help the most. To help him settle in, Tanner gave him drugs which would suppress his memories of his homeworld.

Operating as a psychiatrist, he kept an eye on Martin, however overtime, Martin became paranoid and stopped taking the medication. When Martin brought the SGC into it, Tanner was forced to go into hiding.

Over a year later when Tanner's ship made its way back to Earth, Tanner decided it was time to go. Under watch from the NID, Tanner was forced to act quickly. He managed to find the remote control for the ship and return himself and the others of his race back onto the ship, although Martin Lloyd decided to stay on Earth.

[edit] Key Episodes

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