Peter Grodin

Peter Grodin
Peter grodin.jpg
Played By: Craig Veroni
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Stationed at Antarctica, Grodin carefully studied the weapons platform and the chair. When Elizabeth Weir got the chance to go to Atlantis, Grodin was chosen to go through the gate to Atlantis as part of the Atlantis Expedition.

Grodin proved to be an asset on Atlantis and came through for the expedition members on more than one occasions. When Atlantis found out that Wraith ships were on their way to Atlantis, Rodney McKay devised a plan to fix and use a weapons satellite to destroy the ships. Grodin volunteered for the mission and went along with Rodney McKay and Zelenka and preceded to fix the satellite.

Managing to fix the weapon satellite, Grodin was unable to get off the weapons platform before the Wraith ships came. Whilst on the platform, Grodin managed to destroy one of the ships, however before he could take out any others, the satellite was destroyed and Grodin was killed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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