Pete Shanahan

Pete Shanahan
Pete shanahan.jpg
Played By: David DeLuise
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Denver detective, Pete came to Colorado Springs for a case and was introduced to Samantha Carter through his friend Mark Carter. The two soon started a romantic relationship, however Pete became slightly irritated and paranoid when Sam kept insisting all she did was deep space radar telemetry.

Having previously been hurt by his wife who left him, when he started putting his job before his wife. Using his FBI connections, he had his friend Farrity run a check on Sam however he soon found that her file had been wiped clean, and was working involved in something top-secret such as black-ops.

Following her to try and find out what it was that she was involved in, he was soon faced with the truth when he was fired on by Osiris. Injured, he was taken by SG1 to the SGC where he signed a non-disclosure agreement and was told by Sam about the Stargate. Growing closer to Sam, he eventually asked her to marry him, however it wasn't until the two went on a rescue that Sam said yes.

Knowing what Sam had dreamt, weeks before the two were wed, Pete found her dream home and surprised her. Unfortunately, with the death of Sam's father, she realised who she wanted to be with, and cancelled the wedding with Pete, breaking his heart once again.

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