Played By: Andrew Jackson
Race: Tok'ra
Planets: Vorash

Per'sus is the Supreme High Councillor of the Tok'ra high council, believed to have taken over from Garshaw of Belote. Being the leader of the Tok'ra he is much sought after by the Goa'uld, and much respected by his fellow Tok'ra.

During a negotiation Per'sus was attacked by an airman that had been turned into a za'tark by the Goa'uld, but was saved by SG1. This didn't stop him from coming to Earth to meet with the President, although they had to find and stop any other possible za'tarks. This worked to an extent, however one of his close Tok'ra had became a za'tark and had to be killed to save him adn the President.

[edit] Key Episodes

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