Race Information
Planet(s): Pangar

The Pangarans are a intelligent race that discovered a prison for a Goa'uld Queen. Using the Queen's offspring's they devised a cure for all disease by creating a drug called Tretonin. However, the drug caused them to lose their immune systems which meant that they had to regularly take the drug. Things became worse when they discover that the queen is dying. When SG1 visit the planet, they find that they may be able to help with their Goa'uld shortage, by giving them addresses to Goa'uld strongholds. However, SG1 are able to discover the truth about the Tretonin. They soon also discover that the Goa'uld Queen is in fact the Tok'ra Queen. With the help of SG1 and the Tok'ra they manage to save the Pangarans by developing a cure to the drug, which gives them back their immune system.

[edit] Key Episodes

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