Played By: Anna-Louise Plowman
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Earth

Trapped by his brother Seth, Osiris along with his queen Isis were put into canopic jars and left to remain their for the rest of their lives. However, their canopic jars were eventually recovered after many thousands of years from the bottom of the ocean and transferred temporarily to the US.

At that time, an archaeologist named Sarah Garner, wanting to make a name for herself, came across the jar and unable to decipher the writing on the jar, decided to open it, waking the symbiote from her slumber.

Taking her as host, Osiris was furious and wanted revenge, however at the same time he did not know what had happened to his queen, Isis. When he came across Daniel Jackson, he thought it was strange how he suddenly could speak Goa'uld. Osiris soon got the answers when Daniel revealed that the Tau'ri had defeated many Goa'ulds as well as Seth. However she was enraged to hear that her queen had died inside the canopic jar due to a small crack.

Managing to escape, Osiris was soon recruited by Zipacna to go on the behalf of Anubis, whom he served to a summit of the System Lords to ask for Anubis to re-enter as a System Lord. Joining in the service of Anubis, Osiris did just that, however once there she met up with Daniel Jackson, however thanks to a serum, she was made to forget who he was.

In the service of Anubis, Osiris managed to test a new mothership against the Asgard and managed to capture Thor. Torturing him for information, he was eventually rescued by SG1.

Hoping to find the location of the Lost City of Atlantis, Osiris used Asgard and Goa'uld technology to enter the mind of Daniel Jackson, and try to have his subconscious give them the address. Unfortunately, Daniel who realised what was happening managed to set a trap for her. She was caught and removed from her host.

[edit] Key Episodes

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