Race Information
Planet(s): Olesia
Ship(s): Poros

The Olesians are an Advanced race of humans living in the Pegasus galaxy. They are the only known advanved race, that have been allowed to evolve thanks to the Wraith. The Olesian government, made an agreement with the Wraith where the planet and the population would be allowed to develop naturally, and the Olesians would give the Wraith their criminals to feed on. A form of capital punishment which has led to decreased number of convicts, meaning people are sent to the penal colony for the smallest of crimes, to the smallest of misconceptions. However, when the Atlantis expedition came to the planet, they were shocked by their advancement, and when Sheppards team were stranded on the planet Weir went to try and find them. During negotiations, they discovered the truth, and decided to leave. Sheppards team managed to fix their puddle jumper, and helped the other prisoners escape, just as the Wraith came to cull. Weir and Sheppard managed to escape to Atlantis, however the Wraith now with an empty priosn, headed towards the Olesian city to feast on its inhabitants.

[edit] Key Episodes

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