Nicholas Ballard

Nicholas Ballard
Nicholas ballard.jpg
Played By: Jan Rubes
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Nicholas Ballard is the Grandfather of Daniel Jackson, that believed Daniel's theories of the Pyramids being ships for an interstellar race. He like his grandson was an Archaeologist and travelled from place to place.

During an expedition to Beliz, Nick found a single structure, with a Crystal Skull at the center of it. Upon looking at its eyes, Nick was unknowingly teleported to P7X-377 where he met Quetlzelcoatl. Quetlzelcoatl said "my enemies enemy is my friend", however unable to make out what they said, Nick remained quiet and was brought back to Beliz however the transport made the temple unstable, and Nick barely managed to escape the temple.

Once out he started to telling people about what he saw, however, his theorise were never believed as he could not get the Skull to reactivate and so he had himself committed to a psychiatric institute in Oregon.

When SG1 went to P7X-377 Daniel was caught in the rays of a similar Crystall Skull causing him to disappear. Knowing that Nick encountered a similar Skull, they went to him in hopes that he could help find Daniel Jackson. Nick came along with SG1 to Cheyenne Mountain where he, being able to see Daniel Jackson took SG1 back to P7X-377 and let the Skull finish what it had started.

He was once again put face to face with Quetlzelcoatl, and was asked the question once again. However, Daniel managed to translate and was able to give them a reply. Quetlzelcoatl requested that Nick should stay behind to learn about the Quetlzelcoatl's Race.

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