Played By: Garwin Sanford
Race: Tollan
Planets: Tollan (P3X-7763)
Tollana (P3X-4474)

Narim was saved by Sam and the rest of SG1 when his old homeworld was about to be destroyed by an active Volcano. He came with SG1 to the SGC, but he soon fell for Samantha Carter. Unfortunately he had to leave for a new world where they could start over.

Over time Narim, who still liked Sam, used technology to imitate her voice and use it as the computers voice on Tollana, the new Tollan homeworld. Narim came to Earth once again when Skarra/Klorel's ship crashed on Tollan, and each wanted the body for themselves.

This also gave him a chance to see Sam once again, however, soon she had to leave. When Omoc died, he was given the chance to meet SG1 once again. He was suspicious as to what the high council were doing, and wanted to help SG1 discover what it was. Soon he realised that the Goa'uld had built shields protecting against their weapons, and they wanted to make a weapon that would destroy the SGC.

With the help of SG1, he managed to stop that from happening, however his planet went to war with the Goa'uld, and he was killed along with the other Tollans.

[edit] Key Episodes

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