Miles Hagan

Miles Hagan
Miles hagan.jpg
Played By: Terence Kelly
Race: Serrakins
Planets: Hebridan

President of the Tech Con Group, the biggest company on Hebridian, Hagan wanting to open up his planet to gate travel, traded an ion drive to SG1 in exchange for a Stargate. As the president, Hagan welcomed the participants of the 59th Loop of Kon Garat, in hopes to find the best pilot and ship to give a new contract to.

Hagan was aware of Del Tynan's possible connections to illegal operations, which went against Tynan as he was passed over for promotion three times. When Tynan tried to sabotage the race, believing that he had been passed over for racial reasons, Hagan finally got the evidence that he needed. Hagan consequently fired Tynan.

[edit] Key Episodes

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