Michael Kenmore

Michael Kenmore
Played By: Connor Trinneer, Brent Stait
Race: Wraith

Captured by the Atlantis Expedition, Michael was the second Wraith to be experimented on with the Wraith anti-virus, designed to suppress the Iratus bugs like creatures leaving only the human side. However, the drug had a reaction effect, and the Wraith lost his memories.

After the treatment was complete, Michael looked just like any other human on the base, taking advantage of the fact that he had lost his memories, they woke him to tell him that he was none other than one of their own that was injured during a mission.

Whilst most of the members of the base seemed welcoming, Michael found that Ronon Dex was aggressive towards him. He learned that Teyla and him were once friends, and soon he became comfortable with her to confide in her. In the meantime, Ronon became more aggressive, however Dr. Heightmeyer advised him that with time Ronon would come around.

Plagued by nightmares, Carson Beckett prescribed him sleeping pills however they were ineffective. Returning to the infirmary, he found CD's which showed him the truth about his former self. Infuriated that his kind were thought to be deceased and could be cured, Elizabeth Weir tried to reason with him, however his Wraith urges seemed to become stronger and stronger.

He was moved to the Alpha Site where Carson Beckett hoped to cure all his impulses however, using his Wraith psychic abilities, Michael managed to force Teyla into untying him and escaped the facility taking Teyla with him.

Slowly returning to his normal Wraith form, he took Teyla to a Wraith planet where he had changed enough to feed off Teyla, however before he could do so, he was shot by Sheppard, but before he could be recaptured by the Atlantis Expedition, his fellow Wraith arrived forcing Sheppard's team to retreat.

Eventually, after seeing the fighting between the Wraith, Michael managed to convince a Wraith Queen to travel to Atlantis and seek the help of the Atlantis Expedition to help defeat the other Wraith. The plan was going to plan, however at the thick of the moment, the Queen betrayed both Michael and the Atlantis Expedition and fired on the Daedalus. Furious, he asked the Queen why he had been kept in the dark, only to be told that they no longer trusted him.

Becoming a prisoner amongst his own people, Michael learning that Sheppard was near-by decided to help them stop the ships before they got to Earth. Brought back to Atlantis he was given the retrovirus once more, the effects of which once again wiped his memories, and being left stranded on a planet controlled by the Wraith.

Back amongst his own people, he was made into an out cast, and shunted by all the Wraith forcing him to leave them. Eventually coming to a planet, home to the Taranian's, he begun to experiment on them, attempting to create his own army. He succeeded in creating a number of super-sized Iratus bug's however he was eventually thwarted after Sheppard's team came to the planet looking for the Taranian's.

Forced to leave the planet, he continued with his experiments, eventually creating a group of Wraith-Human Hybrid's. He eventually made his way to New Athos where he, and his Wraith-Human Hybrid's abducted all the Athosians taking them to one of his many bases on another planet.

He eventually came across Hoff where the Hoffans, now extinct, once lived. Discovering the drug which could be used as a weapon against Wraith feeding - though having a mortality rate of over 50% - he begun to spread the drug to countless worlds, causing many deaths of both Humans who didn't survive, and the Wraith who fed on those who survived.

After turning some of the Athosians into the Wraith-Human Hybrid's, he used Kanaan who also had the Wraith DNA, and was the father of Teyla's unborn child, to set a trap in which he managed to abduct Teyla, in the hopes to use her unborn child for further experiments and to create the ultimate weapon against the Wraith and Humans alike.

During the search for Teyla, Sheppard's team came across a number of bases belonging to Michael, one in particular which housed a clone of Dr. Beckett. Having cloned Beckett, Michael had forced Beckett into helping him, or face the consequences - innocent people being killed in front of Beckett, for every day that he refused to help.

They soon learned that it was with, Beckett's help and expertise that Michael had managed to carry out many of his experiments, as well as distribute the modified Hoffan drug, and stopping the need for Michael to feed on humans. Using help from Beckett, the team managed to find both Teyla and Michael, however, Michael using his Wraith mind-control abilities, managed to escape, taking Teyla with him.

Though he had intended to kill Teyla after she had given birth, and take the child, and use it to bring down the Wraith and Humans, Sheppard's team cut his plans short when they found a base of his. Being alerted to the base's destruction, due to Sheppard's team setting off a booby trap, Michael set course to the planet, hoping to capture those that had managed to survive.

Over the planet, Michael's Hive begun a battle with the Daedalus, which had been fitted with Asgard technology. During the time, unknown to Michael, Sheppard and his team managed to infiltrate the ship and save Teyla as well as Kaanan, and their new-born child Torrin John Emmagan. Discovering that the ship had intruders, Michael managed to escape the hive before it was destroyed by the Daedalus, on the Puddle Jumper brought to the hive by John Sheppard.

Using the knowledge contained within the Jumper, Michael formulated a new plan to take over Atlantis and get Teyla's child. Gating into Atlantis, he used the shields to create a stunning forcefield, that stunned anyone that passed through it. However, Ronon Dex, McKay and Sheppard managed to turn the tables on him, disabling the Jumper by activating the Stargate.

Fleeing from the gateroom, he eventually came face to face with Teyla, who after a fight pushed Michael from one of the top peirs of Atlantis, leading to Michaels death.

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