Played By: David JR Bourne
Race: Tok'ra
Planets: Revanna
Tok'ra Base 1 (P34-353J)

Martouf is the host of the Tok'ra Lantash, and lover of the Tok'ra Jolinar / Rosha. He was hurt when he found that Jolinar had been killed by an Ashrak, however he quickly fell for Sam. Martouf was a level-headed Tok'ra that wasn't afraid to say how he felt.

Unfortuneately, during a mission he was captured, and was turned into a Zatark, a Goa'uld time bomb, that activated when he saw someone whom he thought ot be the President of America. He was quickly stopped by the Tok'ra and SG teams, and although his host died, Martouf was removed from the body and stored in a chamber till another host could be found.

[edit] Key Episodes

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