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As well as being a Director and Writer for the show, Martin Wood has also managed to get himself to appear on camera in various cameos. With soo many cameos for the writer/director, here is a definitive list of all of them. You should note that about 80% of these Cameos appear with the character Sergeant Siler who is played by Dan Shea. If there are any missing be sure to add them below.

EP 322 - Nemesis

MWCameo 322.jpg
Woods is the actor that is standing directly behind Jack before he is beamed off by the Asgard.

EP 401 - Small Victories

MWCameo 401.png
When the alarm rings for an incoming wormhole at the beginning of the Episode, Daniel runs to see who it is. Whilst doing this, he inadvertently runs into Sgt Siler and Woods.

EP 403 - Upgrades

MWCameo 403.png
When Jack O'Neill accidental pushes Sergeant Siler down the stairs, Wood is one of those that comes to help the person get up (and escort him to the infirmary).

EP 405 - Divide and Conquer

MWCameo 405.png
He again can be seen in the background in this episode. He is talking to (again) Sgt. Siler who seems to have a cast on.

EP 407 - Watergate

MWCameo 507 2.png
In this episode, Woods can be seen attending to the stargate and what seems like just carrying out casual checks on the gate.

EP 409 - Scorched Earth

MWCameo 409.png
Wood can be seen talking with someone as Sam and Hammond go up the stairs into his office.

EP 414 - The Serpent's Venom

MWCameo 414.png
He seems to always be with Sgt Siller, and this time its no difference, he can be seen with Sgt Siller near the gate room.

EP 415 - Chain Reaction

MWCameo 415.png
He is again in the background, this time talking to Sgt. Siller.

EP 507 - Beast of Burden

MWCameo 507.png
He is not easy to see, and truth be told, if you hadn't heard the Commentary for the episode, you'd never have noticed this cameo. He is the third guy back.

EP 512 - Wormhole X-Treme!

MWCameo 512.png
Man In Black. Woods cameo is the MIB and can be seen clearly.

EP 515 - Summit

MWCameo 515.png
He can be seen at the back tending to the one of the machines, during the credits, whilst SG1 go offworld.

EP 519 - Menace

MWCameo 519.png
Woods in this scene is playing an airman, who is ready to shoot the replicator blocks that try to attack them

EP 522 - Revelations

MWCameo 522.png
He can be seen YET again with Sgt Siller talking to him about something. He can be seen behind General Hammond just talking away.

EP 601 - Redemption (Part 1)

MWCameo 601.jpg
Not clear as day to see, but most of his cameo appearances are hard to notice. In this one he plays a technician.

EP 602 - Redemption (Part 2)

MWCameo 602.jpg
In this episode Wood can be seen more clearly, and he can be seen doing the heavy duty work.

EP 608 - The Other Guys

MWCameo 608.jpg
Wood's along with Sgt. Siler are the ones filming the ceromany, where the "other guys" are given medals for saving SG1.

EP 619 - The Changeling

MWCameo 619.jpg
Wood in this Cameo is playing a Fire fighter who seems to be talking to someone. My guess is that it is none other than Sgt. Siler, however, we don't see his face.

EP 622 - Full Circle

MWCameo 622.jpg
When Abydos is destroyed by Anubis's super weapon, the SGC keeps redialing the gate to try and connect. When it does, you can see Martin Wood in the background looking at Sam and Walter.

EP 701 - Fallen

When Jonas discovers the gate address to what he believes to be the Lost City of the Ancients, he rides the lift to get to the SGC.

On the lift you can find none other than Martin Wood.

EP 704 - Orpheus

Martin Wood, and Sgt. Siler (played by Dan Shae) can be seen once again talking to each other in the gate room.

EP 705 - Revisions

If you look at the scene where Daniel is in the gateroom, you can see Woods in the background with headphones on.

EP 709 - Avenger 2.0

MWCameo 709.jpg
Once again, Martin can be seen with Sgt. Siler, who seems to have something in his eye, in this episode.

EP 709 - Avenger 2.0

His second cameo comes in the shape of a Tok'ra. You can hear him as the Tok'ra that talks to SGC telling them the gate system no longer functions.

Heres the transcript:

Theless (Martin): This is Theless of the Tok'ra.
Hammond: This is General Hammond of Stargate Command
Theless (Martin): General, I'm afraid I have to report a series of malfunctions within the 'gate system.
Hammond: Malfunctions?
Theless (Martin): Several 'gates have gone off-line. As yet, we have no idea why. We are still in the process of gathering information
Carter: Theless, this is Major Carter. Do you have any information on a planet we've designated P5S-117?
Theless (Martin): One moment, please. We are still waiting for a sub-space transmission from our operative in that system
Carter: Can you send us any data that you do have?
Theless (Martin): Affirmative

EP 714 - Fallout

In the video feed from Kelowna, where Sam is talking to the SGC, you can see Martin Wood talking in the background.

EP 721 - Lost City (Part 1)

When the names for the director of the episode comes (who happens to be Peter DeLuise) you can see Martin Wood in the lift along side Jack.

EP 816 - Reckoning (Part 1)

When Jack is talking to Ba'al about the weapon on Dakara and about Anubis, Wood can be found at the back with along side Sgt Siler.
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