Martin's Race

Martin's Race
Martins race.jpg
Race Information
Planet(s): Martin's Homeworld
Ship(s): Martins Escape Pod
Martins Escape Ship

Martins Race are an advanced one that fought against the Goa'uld, however they were no match for them and started losing. In hopes to win an impossible battle, they set on a course for Earth hoping that they would be advanced enough to help them win. However, when they got there they discovered that they weren't that advanced yet, and in fear of returning only to die, Martin and his fellow crew mates left their ship in orbit around a planet and came to Earth in a pod, to live out their lives in peace. However, soon after, Martin kept remembering what they had done, and to calm him, his crew mates gave him a drug which caused memory loss as long as he took the drug. When Martin became paranoid and contacted the SGC, they managed to get to the bottom of it and find that the planet is now a wasteland, and that they have lost the war. After over a year, Martins associates could not bare to live on Earth, and so when their ship came, they went on the ship, leaving Martin to live out the rest of his life on Earth.

[edit] Key Episodes

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