Played By: Michael Shanks
Race: Talthuns
Planets: Talthus

Sovereign of Talthus, Martice along with the rest of the royal family were given the chance to save themselves from destruction, along with a few lucky winners of a lottery. Making their way on the Stromos, the ship crashed onto a planet and started to lose power. After almost 12 years, the power in the sovereign's chamber started to lose power, and when SG1 came Pharrin saw an opportunity to save them.

Transferring the consciousness into Daniel Jackson, Pharrin saved the sovereign as well as many other citizens of Talthus. However, when Martices' consciousness took control of Daniel Jackson, he objected to his confinement in the SGC holding room, ordering the SGC to let him go. Wanting to stay in Daniel's mind, Martice ordered Pharrin not to make a deal with the SGC however, Pharrin saw no other option, and directly disobeyed Martice, transferring his consciousness along with the others from Daniel Jackson back into his own, and in return the SGC would help them find a new homeworld, and possibly even Ardena.

[edit] Key Episodes

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