Mark Gilmour

Mark Gilmour
Mark gilmour.jpg
Played By: David Kaufman
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Sent by the George Hammond and the President to the SGC, Gilmour was assigned to see how Jack was handling the new job as leader of the base. Going undercover, the CID analyst took the position as Jack's new administrative aide.

During his five days at the SGC he witnessed O'Neill deal with the uncooperative Amran delegates, uproot a rapid growing plant from P6J-908, negotiate with Baal over an apparent kidnapping of SG-1 and save the planet from a jerry-rigged ZPM given to them by the Goa'uld Camulus.

Seeing Jack O'Neill deal with each of these situations in a unique way that befitted the situation, Mark Gilmour was awed and came to the conclusion that Jack was indeed fit to lead the base. Before he headed back to the President to give his report, he visited Jack telling him that he'd actually been sent to see how he did, however he was surprised to find that Jack had already been informed by George Hammond.

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