Played By: Alexander Kalugin
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: P2X-338

A Goa'uld so evil, that his followers imprisoned him inside a Sarcophagus with a creature would eat him, whilst the Sarcophagus would slowly revive him, leading to the eventual death of the Goa'uld. However, once in the Sarcophagus with the creature, Marduk managed to use the creature as a host, using the Sarcophagus to stay alive for over hundreds of years.

When the Russian team came to the planet, they found the Sarcophagus and opened it, releasing the creature controlled by Marduk. He killed each member of the Russian team and rested until another Russian team came along with SG1.

When the creature was hurt, Marduk managed to take Major Vallarin as a host, taking along with it, his knowledge of the Eye of Tiamat, which the Russians were seeking. However, SG1 managed to kill Marduk by blowing a C4 into the face of the host, killing Marduk himself.

[edit] Key Episodes

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