Played By: Peter Stebbings
Race: Tok'ra
Planets: Alpha Site - Old 1 (P3X-984)
Alpha Site - Old 2 (P4X-650)

Malek is a Tok'ra who came with the other Tok'ra to the Alpha Site when Revana was attacked. Unfortunately the Alpha site was attacked by an invisible Ashrak that came through the Stargate. This led to deaths of a few Tok'ra, and whilst trying to capture it, Malek witnessed the abduction of Bra'tac, however he did nothing to stop it.

When Teal'c heard of this, he attacked Malek but was soon stopped by Jack. Fortunately the Ashrak was caught, and Bra'tac survived. Malek was once again called when the one of the Pangrean men were taken host by a symbiote. Malek was surprised that the Queen didn't let any knowledge get passed onto the symbiotes and was disgusted at what the Pangreans had done when he found out that the Queen was in fact Egeria, the Queen of the Tok'ra.

[edit] Key Episodes

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