Malcolm Barrett

Malcolm Barrett
Malcolm barrett.jpg
Played By: Peter Flemming
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An NID agent, Malcolm Barrett is one of the few people trusted by the SGC to help them in times of need. He first met with SG1 when he captured Samantha Carter and [[Daniel Jackson in an attempt to stop Martin's Lloyds ship from leaving the system.

He was then approached by Samantha Carter who was looking for a way to clear Jack O'Neills name when he was framed for the attack on Senator Kinsey. Agent Barrett used his knowledge, to help save Jack, and helped develop a mutual respect between himself and Carter, and proved that not all NID are law breaking.

Given a special assignment by the white house to stop those in the NID that believe themselves to be above the law, Agent Barrett called Sam when he needed her help relating to a massacre. Sam, along with Daniel and Teal'c managed to figure out what had happened, and put a stop to a twisted Human-Goa'uld hybrid programme.

When Ba'al came to Earth, Agent Barrett along with Sam and an special team tried to stop Ba'al from trying to rebuild his empire. He also came to the aid of the Atlantis team, when he managed to give them information about a Bomb placed in Atlantis.

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