Lucius Lavin

Lucius Lavin
Lucius Lavin.jpg
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Lucius' Planet


[edit] Character Details

Lucius Lavin is storyteller and self described modest man, who uses trickery and storytelling as a means of boosting his reputation with a group.

In EP 303A - Irresistible, it turns out he made use of a special herb (found on planet M6H-491) distilled into a potion, that causes people to find him irresistible. He used this influence to gain favor with women (resulting in multiple marriages to women at once), and gain status in the populace in general. Later, he travels to Atlantis and gains similar influence there. He is eventually stopped, largely thanks to Colonel Sheppard's immunity to influence due to his cold blocking his nasal passages.

He is later found on planet M65-PL8 during episode EP 313A - Irresponsible, where instead of using a herb to influence the populace, he makes liberal use of an ancient shield device, rendering him immune to harm. The device allows him to scare off local thugs. He again resorts to trickery in an attempt to increase his status, and also tells various stories of his supposed heroic deeds. Deeds that are largely based on reports from the Ancient database on Atlantis which he alters and exaggerates to serve his purposes.

[edit] Actor Details

[edit] Actor Factoids

The actor that plays Lucius Lavin (Richard Kind) in Atlantis, also had a small role in the original Stargate movie as character Gary Meyers, Ph.D.

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