Louis Ferretti

Louis Ferretti
Louis ferretti.jpg
Played By: Brent Stait
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An antagonist and member of the origional team to go through the gate to Abydos, Ferretti tried to make Jacksons trip through the gate as unpleasant as possible when he learnt that Daniel may not be able to send them back. Managing to survive the trip and return, he once again accompanied Jack O'Neill and Kawalsky to Abydos on a mission.

However, on Abydos Ferretti and his team were attacked by the Goa'uld Apophis during which, Ferretti was badly injured. However, Ferretti managed to take a look at the gate coordinates which led SG1 and SG2 to Chulak in an attempt to save their kidnapped comrades.

Many months later, when SG1 disobeyed a direct order and went through the gate in an attempt to stop a Goa'uld invasion, to his disgust, Ferretti now leader of SG2 was told to lead a team to bring home SG1 for a possible court-martial. However, when they tried to dial the gate, it would not engage, forcing them to abort the mission.

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