Played By: Bonnie Bartlett, Megan Leitch
Race: Hadante Inhabitants
Planets: Hadante

Also known as the Destroyer of Worlds, Linea lived on a planet protected by the Taldor, however, she created a pathogen which killed thousands of people. For her crimes, the Taldor sent her through the Stargate to the prison colony Hadante, where even the prisoners feared her.

However, eventually SG1 were mistakenly sent to Hadante where they met Linea. Using Linea's skills as an alchemist, they managed to escape having to take Linea with them. Only when back on the base, did SG1 discover the true identity of Linea, however it was far too late and she escaped through the stargate to an unknown planet.

Travelling through the Stargate, she soon came to a planet where the population was aging with no prodigy of their own. She offered to help them, however as well as reversing their growth, she unintentionally caused widespread amnesia.

[edit] Key Episodes

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