Race Information
Planet(s): Earth
Ship(s): Ancient Transport Ship
Ancient Warship
Puddle Jumper

The Ancients are the original Gate Builders that lived in the galaxy many millennia ago. They were advanced humans who learnt how to "Ascend", to shed their physical bodies, and gain knowledge and wisdom. They were one of the four races that were part of the four races which was made of the Asgard, the Furlings, the Nox and the Ancients themselves. However, after bringing life in the galaxy they moved far away to the Pegasus Galaxy. Like they did in the Milky Way, they gave life in the Pegasus Galaxy; however, they after many millennia awakened an enemy that rivalled them in power and technology. They were known as the Wraith. By awakening them, they brought danger to all those that lived in the Pegasus galaxy, and as much as they tried to stop them, their numbers grew and the Ancients were forced to retreat to their city of Atlantis. However, the Wraith continued to attack, and they were forced to submerge the city, and then evacuated the city and went back to Earth, where they would live out the remainder of their lives. These Ancients, now back on Earth lived normal lives, knowing that the life they created in the Pegasus Galaxy was in trouble. Eventually, the Ancients fell ill to a plague that killed many. Those that could, ascended to a higher plane of existence, and those who could not, simply died. However, many still remained who moved to another galaxy where they started life once again. After being Ascended they realised the universe is infinite, and decided not to interfere in the affairs of the lower beings, those who were not ascended. However, a few did not like this, and even though they were not allowed, they used their powers to help others. Some gave technology to planets to defend themselves, others helped lower beings ascend, and some used their powers to destroy any Wraith that attacked. However, the Ancients did not like their own, meddling in the affairs of the lower beings, and punished all those that broke the rules. They punished some by forcing them to protect their home and nothing else from the Wraith, and they punished others, by wiping out the people whom they had given life to and forced those that broke the rules to live out their life in seclusion and see the effects their power has brought to the worlds. They also have the ability to go back to their corporeal bodies, as well as the ability to force others to descend. As an Ancient and Ascended being, they posses powers to change nature and knowledge would could bring destruction or life to galaxy’s, however they choose not to use it. Those Ancients who moved to a far away place, were able to escape the rules set out by the Ascended Ancients of this galaxy, and when Ascended interacted with lower beings on a high level.

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