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Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Andarians

[edit] History

Langara is made up of three rival nations, Kelowna, Terrania, and the Andari Federation. Each of the planets are at war against each other, and with a three way stale-mate, each is trying to produce technology which would help them beat their opressors. The Kelownan's discovered the Stargate, aswel as many other Goa'uld artifacts and minerals, and were shocked to find that the Stargate was a door way to other worlds. The Kelownan's kept the Stargate a secret from the other nations, in the hope that the SGC would help them over throw the other nations. Along with the Stargate, they also found a mineral, like Naquadah, but a liquid form, which was called Naquadria. It was less stable but much more powerful, and the Kelownan's used it to build a bomb, hoping that it would change the tide of the Stale-mate. However, during an experiment the naquadria reactor which they were building, went critical, and the area in which the bomb was flooded with radiation, and Daniel risked his life to save the people by going in and defusing the reactor. The Kelownan government, held Daniel responsible for this, and one of their own, Jonas Quinn, felt guilty as he saw Daniel risk his life to save his people, and his people are holding him responsible, and so he betrayed his people and took as much Naquadria to the SGC as he could get his hands on, as they wanted it to build defense shields, instead of weapons. During the time Jonas was on Earth, the Kelownans successfully built and tested the Naquadria bomb, killing millions of people. However soon after, Jonas was captured by Anubis, and his mind was probed. By doing so, he discovered the location of Langara and about the Naquadria, and set course for the planet. He attempted to use the Naquadria, but was unsuccessful, and had his new super weapon destroyed. The newly-formed United Alliance of the System Lords came and were able to destroy Anubis's ship, and once again freeing Langara. At this time the Stargate could not be kept secret from the neigbouring nations. Jonas Quinn returned to the planet, and after almost a year, they realised the planet was turnign into a time bomb waiting to go off any minute. After researching, they discovered that Naquadria, wasn't a naturally occuring mineral, but was made from Naquadah, and the Naquadah deposits below the surface were turning into Naquadria deep into the ground. They estimated that the planet had little time before the Naquadria went off destroying Kelowna and poisoning the atmosphere. However, with the help of a Goa'uld and SG-1 they were able to avert disaster and stop the the conversion. The planet was named "Langara" by the Joint Ruling Council, made from representitives from all three nations, as the word has its roots in an ancient language common to all three nations.

[edit] Key Episodes

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