Voiced By: Trevor Devall, Morris Chapdelaine
Race: Asgard
Planets: Adara

An Asgard scientist and expert on the time dilation device and the technology behind it. When SG1 required the help of the Asgard to stop teams from different realities coming into their own, the Asgard sent Kvasir who suggested they used the time-dilation device to allow them to get much closer to the black hole so they could seal the breach. However he stayed on Earth rather than administrating the device himself, constantly reminding SG1 that the device is only on loan to them.

When the plan was scrubbed, Kvasir gave them an energy weapon with which they could reverse the effect, allowing them to send the teams from different universes back to their own reality.

Kvasir eventually returned to lead an Asgard ship into battle against the Ori when a working super-gate was found, however in the ensuing battle, his ship was destroyed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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