Played By: Alexis Cruz
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Chulak

Klorel is the son of Apophis, and rules beside him. His host is Skaara, an Abodynian. Skaara was implanted with the symbiote Klorel when Skaara was captured.

Klorel then went back with Apophis and was unheard from until he returned in a mothership to attack Earth. He was shot by O'Neill and killed, however, was given braught back to life using a sarcophagus. The attack on Earth did not succeed and he fled with Apophis.

After a further two years after the incident, whilst trying to escape from Heru-ur's fleet Klorel crashed into Tollana where the Tollans destroyed Heru-ur's fleet.

However, once there, Skaara was able to ask the Tollans to save him from the demon inside, to free him from the Goa'uld control. The Tollans held a Triad where they would be able to judge who should be given control of the body to. To plead his case his underlord Zipacna was called, however he failed and the Tollans sent Klorels host to the Tok'ra to be removed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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