Kianna Cyr

Kianna Cyr
Kianna cyr.jpg
Played By: Emily Holmes
Race: Kelownans
Planets: Langara

After learning Anubis had come to Langara, Baal sent a Goa'uld under his command to see why he had done so. The Goa'uld, discovered Kianna, a researcher, and took over her body. Soon becoming the research assistant to Jonas Quinn, the Goa'uld in the body of Kianna learnt about the Naquadria.

However, rather than tell Baal of its findings, it instead continued its duties as research assistant, and adapted her Goa'uld knowledge into a Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle, boosting its efficiency. However, when SG1 came to the planet to help out, Sam realised the truth about Kianna.

They realised that Kianna never meant to tell Baal about the Naquadria, instead she wanted to use it for herself, in the hopes to create her own empire. The Langarans however needed the help of the Goa'uld to dig and send a bomb to a fault line, in the hopes to stop the reaction taking place deep within the planets core. Kianna having fallen for Jonas, volunteered to go down into the planets crust, when it was apparent that someone had to go down there and manually place the bomb. Doing the task, the Goa'uld managed to set the bomb and return to the ship, however it sustained too much damage. The Goa'uld died trying to save the host.

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