Keras' Race

Keras' Race
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Race Information
Planet(s): Kera's Planet (M7G-677)

Keras' race are protected by an Ancient Shield, created to stop any electrical device within its field. When the field was made, the inhabitants, scared that the population would one day grow so large that it they would have to venture out of the shields field radius, they created a tradition where every child is to commit ritual suicide on the eve of their 25th birthday. After doing this for hundreds of years, with no interference from the Wraith, the children of the planet continued to take their lives. However, when the Atlantis team came, they were able to tell Kera and his people the real reason the Wraith haven't culled their land, and McKay managed to boost the field without draining extra power, meaning that the population can grow old, and they don't have to commit suicide.

[edit] Key Episodes

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