Played By: Courtenay J. Stevens
Race: Keras' Race
Planets: Kera's Planet (M7G-677)

Kera was the oldest of his people, a tribe of children who live on a planet in fear from the Wraith. He long believed that giving his life on the 25th birthday would stop the Wraith from coming, however, the day before his 25th birthday, Sheppard's team crash landed onto the planet. Their arrival on the planet triggered events which led Keras doubting the ceremony would do any good.

However, the other children were not prepared to take the risk, and forced him to go through it, whilst they tried to get rid of Sheppard's team in fear of the Wraith. However, with the help of Rodney McKay, Sheppard was able to convince Kera and his people the true reason as to why the Wraith have not come to the planet to cull. This allowed Kera to keep his life, and with added thanks to Rodney McKay, they could stop the suicide ceremonies all together.

[edit] Key Episodes

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