Played By: Ryan Drescher, Michael Shanks
Race: Talthuns
Planets: Talthus

A young boy and son of Pharrin, Keenin was chosen by his father to go with him on their trip to a new homeworld when Talthus was nearing the end of it's life. Leaving behind his mother Keenin was put asleep in a cryogenic chamber on the Stromos, however after crashing into a planet, the ship began to lose chamber and Keenin's chamber started to lose power.

When SG1 visited the planet, they came across the ship to explore it. Pharrin saw his chance, and in the hopes to keeping his civilisation alive he transferred the consciousness of many of the citizens into Daniel Jackson, including the consciousness of Keenin. Keenin's consciousness emerged in the confines of the SGC holding room, scared of what had happened. Eventually the SGC made a deal with Pharrin who transferred Keenin's consciousness into his own, and the SGC helped relocate them trying to find their new world Ardena.

[edit] Key Episodes

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