Katie Brown

Katie Brown
Played By: Brenda James
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A member of the Atlantis Expedition and a Botanist. Katie Brown caught the eye of Rodney McKay, and they went on a date, however unknown to Katie, at the time of their date Rodney was sharing his body with Lieutenant Laura Cadman

After that date, Rodney avoided Katie for almost a year till he finally had lunch with her in the botanical lab. The two eventually became a couple, with Katie naming a new found plant after McKay. However though this lasted a couple of months, on the day that Rodney decided to propose to Katie, the two became trapped in the botonical bay, causing Rodney to reevaluate his life. Though Katie was about to say yes to Rodney's proposal, Rodney withdrew the propsal stating that he thought it was too soon, without realising that she was about to answer.

Believing that he had broken up with Rodney, Katie requested transfer to Earth, never seeing Rodney again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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