Kasuf k.jpg
Played By: Erick Avari
Race: Abydonians
Planets: Abydos

The father of Sha're and Skaara, Kasuf is a leader among his people. When Jack and his team first visited Abydos, they met Kasuf who gave them shelter believing to be sent by their god Ra.

Soon however, Ra returned and punished them, and Jack's team helped them rebel and overthrow their "god" and show them the light.

During the time that Jack was there, he gave his daughter to Daniel Jackson, who fell in love with her and married her. When Jack went back to Earth, Daniel stayed behind with him.

He live happily on Abydos for many more years, until Apophis came to Abydos and took his son and daughter away and implanted them with a Goa'uld.

However, he saw his daughter a year later when she returned and was carrying the baby of Apophis. He went into hiding with the Baby once it was born, to protect it from the Goa'uld, however eventually Amonet returned and took the child away, and with that he lost his daughter as well.

Another year past till he finally saw the son of his daughter again, when Shifu returned. However, he went away soon after to learn from Oma Desala. The whereabouts of Kasuf after that are unknown and he is persumed dead during the attack on Abydos by Anubis.

[edit] Key Episodes

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