Juna (P3X-729)
Planet Information
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Junans

[edit] History

The people of Juna believed in the god Heru'ur until SG-1 arived and helped them free their opressors, and telling them to burry the gate so no Goa'uld could return. However, eventually the Goa'uld Cronos came by ship, to claim the terrotory, and the people once again became the slaves of the Goa'uld. When the Humanoid SG-1 came to the planet, they were captured, and killed. Cronos was surprised to find that they were machines, and this led to the people to question if the Goa'uld are gods once again. The real SG-1 came and with the help of the remaining counterparts, they managed to Kill Cronos and free the planet once more.

[edit] Key Episodes

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