Julia Donovan

Julia Donovan
Julia donovan.jpg
Played By: Kendall Cross
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A television reporter, Donovan hosts a show called "Inside Access" giving news from details to top secret projects, to business news. When her sources told her about the Promotheus project by the USAF which costs the tax payers millions of dollars, also giving her a sample of Trinium. Sending the Trinium to be analysed, she soon realised that it was not like any substance found on Earth.

Wanting confirmation, and more info, Donovan found Major Samantha Carter asking about Prometheus and Trinium, however she Sam denied it all, not giving more info on the matter. However, eventually it became apparent to Donovan that there's some truth behind the story when Major Paul Davis paid her a visit, to tell her not to run the story.

More determined to run the story, she went ahead, however before she could run it, Major Davis and Major Carter appeared at her producers, intent on her revealing her sources and not running the story. Angry that they went above her head, to her produces, she threatened to go to foreign networks, however her producer managed to come to a solution that they all agreed on.

Donovan got the chance to film the scoop of the century, take a production crew and film what Prometheus was, however when she saw Prometheus herself, she was surprised and shocked. Intent on destroying the tapes after the leak had been found, the SGC were shocked when Donovan's film crew turned out to be working for the NID. Whilst on the ship, Donovan and Jonas were taken hostage by the NID, and soon Donovan came face to face with the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad, and was even more shocked to learn that Jonas too was an alien. However, thanks to SG1, they were saved, and the Asgard managed to beam them safely onto the SGC.

Over a year later, when the billionaire industrialist Alec Colson revealed to the world that Aliens have been coming to the planet, Donovan contacted Samantha Carter, wanting to know why she had not gotten the exclusive. However, the SGC having different plans for Donovan, used her show to discredit Alec Colson by showing the world that the Asgard that they had was nothing more than a hologram.

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