Jonas Hansen

Jonas Hansen
Jonas hansen.jpg
Played By: William Russ
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Formally engaged to Samantha Carter, Hansen was devastated when the two broke up, however even after he had feelings for her. A captain in the air force, Hansen was given command of SG9 and sent in a mission to P3X-513.

He and his men stayed on the planet for many days during which a child became lost. Hansen risked his life spending two days in the scorching sun to find the child, bringing him back to safety. The act made the inhabitants start to believe that Hansen was a god. Believing that their beliefs should not be broken, Hansen ordered his men to play along, however as time passed he began to believe in his own divinity.

Forcing the inhabitants to build a temple in his honour, Conner and Frakes tried to return to the Stargate hoping the SGC could stop him, however whilst trying to escape Hansen, Frakes was unfortunate to be captured. Fortunately Conner managed to make it to the gate and was able to tell them what Hansen had done.

On the planet Hansen continued to work the inhabitants, promising them that he would make the sky orange, stopping the sun's harmful effects. In the mean time, the SGC sent in SG1 to try and stop Hansen however Carter was captured by Hansen's men.

Trying to put some sense into him, Carter tried to talk to him, however she failed. Hansen wanting to fix the machine with which he could turn the sky orange, forced Carter to fix it in exchange for O'Neill's life.

Wanting there to be no disbelievers, Hansen ordered all non-believers to be 'sent back' starting with SG1. He attempted to send Jack and Sam back to Earth (with the Iris closed - killing them) however Teal'c and Daniel managed to turn the device on helping the inhabitants see the light. In rage for what Hansen had forced them to do, they picked him up and threw him into the active Stargate killing him as he hit the Iris.

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