Jarrod Kane

Jarrod Kane
Jarrod kane.jpg
Played By: Matthew Bennett
Race: Rands
Planets: Tegalus

Chief aide to Commander Gareth, Jarrod Kane welcomed SG1 when they came through the gate, however the arrival of SG1 on their planet caused the Avidans and Caledonians to go to war with the Rands.

During the war, Kane was shot in the leg as he and Daniel tried to retreat into an underground bunker, however it wasn't long before Daniel was severely injured. To protect him, Kane left Daniel with his wife, Leda Kane.

When he arrived back at home, he realised that Daniel and Leda had become attached to each other, and questioned her about this, however got no reply. With the help of Daniel, and the SGC Kane and his people managed to retake the Rand bunker, which had been over-run by Avadon extremists, killing their leader, Soren in the process.

After nearly a year, an Ori Prior came through the gate, telling the Rand to accept Origin, however, after the Rands rejected Origin, they released the Prior plague which killed many, including Leda, forcing the Rands to accept origin. Soon after, Kane came through the gate to Earth to warn them about a weapon being built by the Rands with the help of the Priors.

Back on Tegalus, Kane was branded a traitor, and was captured by President Nadal alongside Daniel Jackson. However using his influence, Kane managed to free himself and Daniel and get his government to make a peace treaty with the Caledonians. Unfortunately, the Caledonians used the time to attack, forcing the Rands to attack using the Orii weapon.

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