Played By: Gildart Jackson
Race: Ancients
Planets: Arkhan's Planet

Janus was a brilliant Ancient scientist who experimented with time-travel, and successfully built a time ship which allowed Dr Weir to travel back in time to meet the Ancients. However the others were not to fond of the device and ordered the research and ship destroyed.

Dr Weir was also left stranded 10,000 in the past, with no hope of getting back. However, Janus helped her by giving her a means of staying alive for 10,000 years, with the information that she needs to save Atlantis from disaster.

Janus was also able to make it so that in the event that the shields fail, the city would rise rather than be destroyed which saved the Atlantis Expedition. As well as that, he also used Weir to extend the time the ZPM's would work by using them one by one rather than at the same time.

After he had set everything, he left Atlantis for Earth and the Milky-way where he built another Time-travelling ship.

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