James Hamner

James Hamner
James hamner.jpg
Played By: Mitchell Kosterman
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An ATF officer, James Hamner was assigned to take care of a cult of followers who were believed to be brainwashed. Watching the area carefully, he soon found the Air Force taking an interest in the facility. Hamner not wanting his operation to be undermined, took over telling the Air Force that they had no authority there. However after a call from the President, Hamner was forced to hand over the command to Jack O'Neill.

Upon asking O'Neill as to why the USAF had interest in the facility, he was told that there was a top secret weapon inside the device which the government didn't want the public to find out yet. Believing the reason, Hamner and his men helped SG1 secure area and evacuate the men inside the base.

[edit] Key Episodes

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