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Race Information
Planet(s): Alpha Site 1
Arkad's Planet
Cal Mah
Khonsu's Planet
Rules of Engagement Planet

The Jaffa are the slaves of the Goa'uld. They are forced into worsphipping them and are used as Incubation tanks for their young which in return give them longevity and good health. Once the symbiote matures it is taken out to take the host, the Jaffa is then left to die. They are taken from different worlds and are the main warriors for the Goa'uld System Lords. The Jaffa cannot live without the symbiote which is why the Goa'ulds have so much control over them.

Teal'c was one of the first to have renounced the false gods, and soon after others followed. They acted as a plague from within, which helped in the defeat of many Goa'ulds.

When the Jaffa finally saw a chance to strike the Goa'uld, they took it, and took over Dakara, the planet rumoured to have been the place where the first Jaffa was created.

During the Goa'ulds battle against the Replicators, Teal'c successfully takes it over, and ends the Jaffa slavery. With the help of the Tau'ri, they help destroy both the Replicators and the Goa'ulds.

Now free, the Jaffa form a new nation, and Teal'c is one of those who try to become the new leader of the Jaffa nation. However, he is unsuccessful, and power goes to Garak, a man who believes in the old ways of the Jaffa, and as such does not trust the Tok'ra or the Tau'ri.

[edit] Key Episodes

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