Infamous Pineapple


[edit] Cameos

Whilst not a writer or director like Peter DeLuise or Martin Wood, you'll often see Pineapples in various scenes of Stargate SG-1 which is the calling card of the Cameramen of the show. Here are the cameo's that the Infamous Pineapple has made:

EP 512 - Wormhole X-Treme!

PineCameo 512.jpg
Lets paint the Orange Red, and make it look like an apple, and oh... don't forget to have a pineapple in the shot as well.

EP 601 - Redemption (Part 1)

PineCameo 601.jpg
The Pineapple is seen clearly on the side of Jonas's table while he is munching on grapes. Seems like Jonas has a taste for assorted fruits.

EP 604 - Frozen

PineCameo 604.jpg
The pineapple in this episode can be seen at the entrance to the Antartica Outpost. It is seen when the team first enter and it looks really out of place.

EP 607 - Shadow Play

PineCameo 607.jpg
The Pineapple in this episode is just seen for a few seconds (thus the screenshot is a bit blurry). It can be seen directly after the opening credits.

EP 614 - Smoke and Mirrors

PineCameo 614.jpg
This series sees a recurring role for the infamous pineapple, and this episode to has it. The pineapple in this sequence is clearly visible on the table of the house which moments after is blown to bits. But worry not, the Pineapple was taken out before it was blown.

EP 709 - Avenger 2.0

PineCameo 709.jpg
When you see Felger's house, if you look carefully on the center of his table, you will find a lone Pineapple.
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