Played By: Michael P. Northey
Race: Jaffa

A Jaffa trader, Inago was an old acquaintance of Vala Mal Doran, one with whom he had previously traded goods with. However, the "Priceless" necklace from a "Royal Dynasty" that was given to him by Vala, was in fact an ordinary necklace that she had stolen from an technology expert named Arlos.

After learning the worthlessness of the necklace, Inago swore that he would kill Vala the next time he encountered her, however Vala knowing this, came for the necklace with her guns raised. Realising that Vala wants the necklace again, Inago told her to return the "useless" cargo ship power coil that she had received in exchange, to which she reluctantly agreed. Upon regaining the Power Coil, Inago returned the necklace.

[edit] Key Episodes

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