Played By: Peter Bryant
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A senior member of the Trust, after Teal'c was wanted for murder, Hoskins contacted Daniel Jackson telling him that he had information which could prove Teal'c's innocence. In return Hoskins asked that Daniel translate some Ancient symbols into Goa'uld.

After the translation was completed, Hoskins ordered the symbols to be transmitted and they were beamed out before the SGC could capture them. After many months of planning, Hoskins was now able to use Osiris's mothership which was in Earths orbit.

After many more months, Hoskins managed to beam aboard Earth's stargate and used it to launch an all out offensive against the Goa'ulld occupied worlds, however he was soon stopped by SG1 and the Prometheus which boarded the Alkesh and killed killed him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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