Race Information
Planet(s): Hoff

The Hoffans are a race terrified by the Wraith, who live in fear of being culled, in the next culling. The Hoffans are a peaceful race who have tried to develop a drug against the Wraith, however when they got close, the team working on it were taken during the culling. However, since then, with the aid of records kept by the scientists working on it before the cullings, others have tried to complete their research. However without a live test subject, they weren't getting far. When the Atlantis team meet them, they discover about the drug, and offer to help, in hopes that they may be on to something, however, after coming up with what they believe to be a working drug, and testing it on a captured Wraith, they rejoice at its results. However, the Hoffans soon start falling ill, after they have distributed the drug to the population, and discover that its a side effect, that slowly wipes out the population.

[edit] Key Episodes

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