Played By: Douglas H. Arthurs
Race: Goa'uld

Son of Ra and Hathor, Heru'ur commanded one of the largest armies of the system lords. Equipped with a Personal Shield, Heru'ur brought his forces to Cimmeria, a planet once protected by the Asgard but left defenceless after SG1 were forced to destroy the weapon protecting the planet. On the planet they met heavy resistance, however their advanced weapons were no match for the Cimmerians. Fortunately he was forced to retreat through the Stargate when his forces were stopped by the Asgard.

Wanting to learn the secrets of Apophis, Heru'ur attempted take the Harcesis child as it was born, he came to Abydos in search of Amonet. However, his forces were unable to locate the child and were forced to flee as Apophis came to get his queen.

Once Apophis had taken over Sokar's fleet, Heru'ur and Apophis decided to make a truce. Knowing that an alliance such as this would prove to be a downfall for the Tok'ra and Tau'ri, SG1 and the Tok'ra managed to sabotage the alliance hoping that both fleets would destroy each other. Instead Apophis uncloaked an army which destroyed Heru'ur's ship and Heru'ur himself. His forces were soon encompassed into Apophis's.

[edit] Key Episodes

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