Voiced By: Peter DeLuise, Trevor Devall
Race: Asgard
Planets: Orilla

Hermiod is the only Asgard currently in the Pegasus galaxy.

When the Daedalus was sent to the Pegasus galaxy, Hermiod accepted a position on the ship to stop the technology being used wrongly, and to help the Tau'ri.

However, on his first mission, he was forced to modify the Asgard transporter beam to transport a warhead onto the Wraith ship moments before it detonated. Although the tactic saved them, Hermiod wasn't very pleased. The tactic was used to destroy a few ships before the Wraith developed a defence against it.

Soon after, the Daedalus returned to Earth, and on its way back to Atlantis after a series of malfunctions, Hermiod discovered a virus was inside the system, and soon after Rodney McKay identified it as a Wraith Virus.

He eventually returned to the Ida galaxy and back home, where Hermiod, along with his fellow Asgard, gave his life in a mass genocide.

[edit] Key Episodes

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