Played By: Michael Adamthwaite
Race: Jaffa
Planets: Khonsu's Planet

Once the first prime of the Goa'uld Khonsu, Herak had come to know that his lord, Khonsu was a Tok'ra however he waited to act on the information hoping to somehow gain from it. With the capture of SG1, Khonsu was no longer needed, killing Khonsu and all those that sided with him, Herak wished to please his god, Anubis. Unfortunately he was unable to present SG1 to Anubis as they managed to escape him and his forces.

This didn't stop him as he quickly became the first prime of Anubis, charged with finding the six eyes which together would create a super-weapon. Finding the sixth eye was made hard, as he once again faced SG1 who threatened to destroy the eye. Wanting to kill O'Neill and the rest of SG1, Herak was displeased when Anubis allowed them to go in return for the eye, hoping that he would one day face them once again and kill them. With the super-weapon, Herak witnessed the destruction of the System Lords army as well as Abydos, and the true power of Anubis.

When Anubis learnt of an Ancient weapon on Vis Uban, Herak stayed by his masters side as they came to the planet to find that it was a trap, and the super-weapon was destroyed. However, Herak managed to capture Jonas Quinn whose mind revealed the location of Langara, a planet with an element known as Naquadria. Unfortunately, he once again faced SG1 who managed to, once again, stop Anubis's army.

Taking the side of his god, Anubis led his forces to attack Earth, but was stopped by the Ancient drone weapons, protecting the planet. With the destruction of Anubis's fleet, Herak too was killed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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